CPR, AED and Medical Emergencies for Dental Professionals

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Certificate for CPR, AED and Medical Emergencies
for Dental Professionals


To enable learners to develop their professional knowledge, understanding and competence in medical emergencies, in line with their identified personal learning requirements.


To help the learner recognise and manage the variety of medical emergencies that may arise both within and outside the Dental Practice, including cardiac arrest and the principles of CPR in line Resuscitation Council (UK) Guidelines.

Anticipated learning outcomes

The learner will:

  • know of and understand the various medical emergencies that might arise in and out of dental practice including cardiac arrest, choking, myocardial infarction, angina, anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes, fainting and epilepsy
  • recognise the signs and symptoms of different types of medical emergencies
  • know about and be able to undertake their management including the use of emergency equipment and drugs
  • know about and understand the importance of teamwork in the ABCDE Approach to managing medical emergencies
  • know how to minimise the risks of a medical emergency for individual patients
  • through achieving these outcomes, provide an improved level of service to their patients

This module is studied online and does not include “live” hands-on mannequin training or assessment of practical skills.

This CPD course will support the learner in meeting the following GDC Development Outcomes: A, B, C, D