Activity – feedback

Below are some suggestions and recommendations for the type of information you should include in an Accident Report Form.

  • Read our suggestions and compare them with the notes you have made, so that you are clear about the level of detail that is required.
  • NOTE: you can download a copy of an uncompleted form below for use as a template if you wish.

Accident Report template


Child’s Name:- Charlie Farnsbarns

Time and date of accident/incident:- 12:30hrs on 20 March 2015

Place accident/incident occurred:- The Elms Nursery, London N12 7QR

  • The place of the incident should include the exact location at the premises, for example In the playground/garden at The Elms Nursery, London N12 7QR.
  • You could also consider drawing a simple diagram to show the scene.

Time parent notified of accident/incident:- End of day

  • The exact time should be recorded

Description of how the accident/incident occurred:- Charlie fell and hit head

  • A FULL description is needed
  • For example, “Charlie was playing on the climbing frame and fell from the bottom step (approximately 20 centimetres from the ground. He fell on his left side and hit and hit his head on the ground”

Record of injury:- Bump on headbody-diagram

  • A fuller description is needed to describe the injury
  • For example,  “Left side of head approximately 5 centimetres above left eye.  The bump was about 3cm x 3cm’s in size. Charlie did not lose consciousness and displayed no dizziness, nausea or vomiting”
  • Remember to mark on the diagram the exact position of injury

Action(s) taken:- Child told to rest

  • Whilst this is a reasonable response for this injury, it does not fully explain your actions. 
  • For example, how long was the child told to rest for? 
  • How long was the child observed for and by whom?
  • Did you consider an ambulance or other medical examination?  If not, why not?
  • Include as much detail as you can

Date notified to Ofsted (if child required emergency medical treatment):

Name of witness:

  • It is best not to leave fields blank.  Put N/A (not applicable) or None 

Telephone number:



Childminder Signature:- Mary O’Donahue _______Date:- 20/3/15

Parent Signature:- Tina Shaw_______Date:- 20/3/15