Help with accessing your course

If you are having a problem accessing your course, please read the FAQ’s below:

Q: “Code Redeemed” message – when I enter the enrolment key, it says the code has been redeemed, what do I do?

  • Check above the Enrolment Key box and see if your course title is showing. If it is showing, you do not need an enrolment key. Just click on the course title to access your course
  • If your course is not showing, you need to contact the organisation providing your face-to-face first aid training. We are unable to issue new codes

Q. My enrolment key is not working:

  • Please send us the email you have received with the enrolment key and tell us the name of the organisation providing your face to face first aid training
  • Q. Password reset – I have reset your password but not received an email:

  • Please check your junk mail
  • If you are still having problems after following these suggestions, we will be happy to help you as soon as we can. Please email: